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Norman Mine (aka. Dino Desica) is an Italian-London-based artist whose multi disciplinary work spans acting, film-making, poetry and social practice.


Originally from Naples, the theatrical heart of Southern Europe, Mine (born Francesco Benenato) incorporates inspiration from early 20th Century Italian Neorealist Cinema with his life experience to create work that sits in the familiar everyday mundane scenario - yet underneath it exposes the desire for dreams, imagination, and poetry within it.


Whether through the use of his two personas, which become more vivid in his films - often switching between the filmmaker and the actor - or through social interaction and intervention at the core of Mine's practice, there is 'man' and their relationships, together with the absurdist humour and melancholy depictions of human life, and the striving to seek an authentic self while wanting to live within the imaginary and the ideal.


Through his work, Mine aims to present a familiar landscape that exposes hierarchies and exchanges, inspires debate, or catalyzes social exchange.


Described by himself as a form of visual anthropology, when asked what continues his drive to create work, Mine suggests;


"This idea of acceptance and inclusivity inspires me, allowing others to feel that. Growing up and being bullied for who I am and wanting to be accepted and loved is at the core of what I explore and create.

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