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My work is cross-disciplinary but mostly inspired and informed by acting and its psychology, how this is incorporated into the everyday

social interactions which build our sense of identity, both individual and collective. I explore this by adopting multiple alter-egos which allow me to embrace at once elements of fiction and biographical narratives, collective stereotypes and mythology. I am Influenced by the Italian Neorealism film movement in which characters and stories were used to portray everyday life in all its complexity in response to Italy's post-war economic hardships. 


In my video work, I am often alternating, through my alter-egos, between the role of a director (Norman Mine) and an actor, Dino Desica. Shifting between these characters allows me to constantly rebuild and reframe my point of view and artistic vision. 


I am genuinely interested in people and their stories, narratives, what preoccupies them, inspires them and makes them unique.

I’m fascinated by our complexity, peculiarity, and the need to exist between the real and the imaginary.


The construction of the self, and its negotiation between the ordinary and extraordinary, the imaginary and the real, leads my interest in the interplay between fiction and paranoia. 


How both these creative forces and living conditions are constructing our everyday life to reinforce our social connections and intimacy ties, among forms of inclusion and exclusion and in response to social, economical and cultural power structures.

Personal Statement, 2021

HD video, Single channel, sound, 1:02 min

The Will To Believe By Suzi Corker 9.jpg
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