Hey, hi, Milovan, Hi Miloavan!


Finally, I am managing to send over some materials


No, wait!
why do I have to say 'finally'?


Finally, I am about to send over some materials!
The reason why it took me so long is that, in reality, I did not know about you before Alessio introduced you to me.


Also, effectively these are my first attempts in reaching out to a curator and I need to.....


So, well... I must start somewhere now

(speaking in Neapolitan dialect)


The reason why it took me so long, is because I did not know you... I did not know you .....


I did not know you before Alessio told me about you! I did not know you before Alessio told me about you?!


So I took some time to understand what kind of material I should send over? Also because...

my work...under some prospective

Mm.. my work..is..


I wasn't sure what material to send over.
Also because my work under many circumstances is varied and changes very easily.

It transforms very easily?!

I guess sending over only one example of work would have been like closing myself into a .... mmm?


Into a frame!?!

Frame? Why frame?

Sending over one work would have been like closing you into a! Nah! not you!!!


Sending only...Sending only one work!
Sending over the latest work would have been like framing my practice, so I am trying to amplify that!


Giving more space to it
Show more of what I am doing - Show more of what I am doing..


The other reason is also that straight after College which I graduated in June last year


Straight after College which I finished in June last year, I felt the need to take some space and time off; to digest my time over there.


Which has been like ....hmmm


Well College was like...

It caused me loads of stress because it was very expensive and very intense!


Financially I was on the edge - often finding myself with no place to live.


College was very intense, not only as an educational platform but as an institution itself.

Which is what college is right now right?


It challenges me in many ways while confronting me with the reality that exists within

the art world.


It was very interesting as well as heavy!

Especially Goldsmith; which flaunts many ideals! but then, unfortunately, the way it applies its ideals is often very limited.


Consequently, these ideals are not fully developed and remain into a certain border.


Well, this video!

This video; the reason why I am sending over this video is that I believe it can at its best describe my practice, which is...




the idea of building up a scenography? A kind of ...


intention of staging reality? It's an intention? an attempt? to..hmmm..


Playing with reality? No! Intention in? Making work that?


This video, again,
well, this video I think can at its best frame my practice.


It can explain my practice?

Not frame sorry!


It can represent my practice which after all, is an attempt, an attempt, its an attempt, this video?!


The video format can explain my practice at its best, with this video?

With this video I want...


Ok! relax!

(talking to himself)


let's start again

(talking to the cameramen)


With this video!

The reason why I am sending you this clip is that I believe it can at its best describe my practice. Hmm...is like asking yourself ..

I always try to set something...mmm no


Weather sometimes is internationally or not?

There is always a kind of repetition in the work! An attempt to show things and demonstrate...


Demonstrate what? No!


Least start again

(talking to the cameramen)


Cause I should talk first of

(talking to the cameramen)


So my intention is....