Norman Mine is an Italian London-based artist born in Naples as Francesco Benenato.

Norman explores, through multiple alter-egos, the complexity of existing between appearance and perception in response to socially constructed roles, personal experiences and stereotypes. 


Mine’s work emerges from the uses of different artistic disciplines, social practices and public actions. It embraces at once elements of fiction and biographical narratives, including both individual memories and collective mythology. 

The construction of the self, and its negotiation between the ordinary and extraordinary,

the imaginary and the real, leads Mine's practice to question the interplay between fiction and paranoia.


This aspect is particularly explored in Mine’s films by alternating his figure between the role of a director and an actor, Dino Desica, the artist's second alter-ego. While the director embodies the artist’s experience of living in London, with the ambition of navigating through its structure of social classes and hierarchy, Dino Desica embodies the consequences of human personal history and cultural stereotypes.

By interchanging these two roles Norman Mine explores the ephemerality of belonging,

marked – on the other end – by the constantly visible traces ‘we construct’ in our everyday life to reinforce our social connections and intimacy ties, among forms of inclusion and exclusion and in response to social, economical and cultural power's structures.

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