I Perform at the Art Party, The Art Party Conference 2014

curated by Bob and Roberta Smith, Scarborough (UK)
Filmed by Tim Newton



In 2013, I was asked by Bob and Roberta Smith to perform at The Art Party Conference.

Alongside a wealth of artistic talents, the Conference debated the future of arts and


The event took place at the Scarborough SPA where the Fellini-like setting presented the

unique opportunity to stage a performance, which similar Neorealism would transcend

performance-art into a documentary-like ‘realism’ scenario.

Tied to a revolving chair the artist (at that time art student), sprawled around the terrace

complaining both in Italian and English to an unengaged audience about the high cost of

studying and the struggle that came along with it.

The performance spawned the construction of the fictional characters of Norman Mine and

Dino Desica and the interplay of real and imaginary through biographical experience which

has now informed the majority of my work.