2'49 HD video by Allessia Palombo 2019photo 

I Perform the Performer, disORDER Live Art Collective 2019 Studio 9294, London 

"Why are you claiming to be on a stage if you don't know what to use it for?"

- Member of the audience-

Presented as a video-art, and live-art, the performance brings on the stage the act of improvisation as to the ‘messa in scena’ exposing the multiple aspects of the process of making; its responsibility, fear and perplexity.


While attempting to seek a common ground where these conditions can exist; the artist questions members of the audience on the credibility of his role as an entertainer and his ‘artistic significance.

Some members of the audience begin to vividly interact and interfere because of their unhappiness and inability to understand the purpose of the performance. 

The debate between the artist and members of the audience become the real ground to question the


The debate between the performer and members of the audience become the real ground to explore alternative ways in which live art interacts with its audience; not by pleasing their expectation but by the opposite. Hence an opportunity to provide a platform for a debate on the conventional and autonomous way in which live art is experienced in institutions and how we consume it?

Norman Mine, I Perform the Performance a

photo by Jacob Buraczewski 2019