- OSB #2 with 4 movable Jasmonite Plates, and video installation 2019

How It works wtith and without me. You did not get it! ‘02”42 HD Video 

How it works - with and without me, within the space. You didn’t get it!

video installation part of a group show Utopia through Nostalgia, Koppel Project London 2019

2'42 HD film of a TV-video and projection within the space.

Part of a group show; Utopia through Nostalgia at Koppel Project, London 2019 this video installation present OSB #2 screen panel with 4 movable Jasmonite plates locked between the gallery's two upper walls, preventing it from been moved in any direction and to remain folded. 


In the same room and opposite walls, two videos - one on a screen and the other projected on a wall - are playing simultaneously and against each other providing two idealistic options of the screen panel movement and interaction within the room; one moved by the artist and the other by itself.


OSB#2 with 4 movable jasmonite plates. oriented strand board, wax, plaster, filler, varnish, steel, and wheels. 296 x 320 x 12 cm

Norman Mine-Installation art .n3.jpg
Norman Mine-Installation art .n2.jpg