- OSB #2 with 4 movable Jasmonite Plates, and video installation 2019

How It works wtith and without me. You did not get it! ‘02”42 HD Video 

I performed The Sitter 1'00 HD video

filmed by Laura Shacham/Norman Mine

"I Perform the Sitter" is a durational public life-drawing performance, presented for the Wandsworth Fringe Festival in collaboration with Platform One Gallery - an ex-waiting room at Wandsworth train Station, now an independent Artspace.


The purpose of the class was not to let participants practice a specific technical skill but to develop a sense of observation and interpretation; by engaging in an action that often requires time, yet is challenged by time. 


Participants - mostly travellers passing by - were invited to take part in a life drawing session, joining at any moment and for any amount of time. They were free to choose where to stand.


Although I maintained the same position with my eyes closed throughout the 6 hours, my emotional and physical state were in constant flux. 

The result of this class was a collection of 45 different incredible drawings, some done by the same hand yet with a completely different perspective and technical approach.


The drawings below reflect the value of maintaining a subjective view without getting carried away by the feeling of performance, competition or technical skills.