Rehearsal of a Performance that Will Never Happen,

Deptford X Fringe Festival 2019.


Performed over three dates, each act was a preparation for the next performance and in turn the result of the previous one; creating a conversation between the three, but not a continuation of the three.


The performance explores through the possibilities of its setting and the large wall-mirror both character of Norman Mine and Dino Desica into one act and the bizarre psychology and emotions that associate the two; locating on one stage the artist’s ambition and the actor’s apprehension together, letting the audience to watch while being watched. 

2'13 HD Video of a 30 min performance filmed by Lori E. Allen & Prasanth Visweswaran

sound by Doug Haywood & Lottie Louound 

artwork-Rehearsal for a Performance that
Norman Mine  artist.jpg

photos by Homar Corona 2019 

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